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Blue Tent
by Carla R. Herrera

In the not too distant future, The United States has become the Corporate States of America. Half the population is homeless and live in tent cities or camps.
Tele is a scavenger. One of the many roaming rag and bone population looking for something better and living off the remnants of a consumer culture. A loner, she trusts no one, for good reason.
In a new city, Tele hopes to put some of a painful past to rest. She’s changed her name and her occupation and with some luck she’ll disappear from the radar of corporate agents.
A type of amnesia has swept the country. Children travel in savage packs preying upon the more vulnerable population.
Oldsters fend off thieves and women are in constant fear of abuse and no one seems to know where their former lives have disappeared to.
Few will speak against a corrupt ruling body, but then someone dies from scavenged food, an idea is born and Tele ends up on the fringe of a beginning movement and in fear of being discovered again.

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