Online Bookshop - Explore Your Book Reading Desires #BooksMall

Online Bookshop - Explore Your Book Reading Desires #BooksMall

Whether you are an education book lover or have a plan to buy a book on motivational subject, you will find your preferred book title at a reputed online bookshop.

The internet world has witnessed a lot of advancements in the recent times. Many people from across the world are now aware of how to use it to get the most out of the internet technology. And, when we talk about new and widely accepted ways of shopping, it's difficult to avoid the importance of online shopping methodology, especially for book enthusiasts. Whether you are an education book lover or have a plan to buy a book on motivational subject, you will find your preferred title at a reputed online bookshop.

Here is a quick look at what are the major reasons for choosing this method as compared to implementing the traditional way to visit the local bookstore:

Make Your Decision After Reading Genuine Reviews

If you are a frequent reader, then it will be a great idea to visit a trustworthy online bookshop since it incorporates a huge variety of books on the subjects you love. The key to the vast popularity of the online shopping methodology is that you can easily buy & compare books. Plus, the availability of book reviews will also help you decide your final product. No matter which civilization or nation you are from, you are free to buy your book from any corner of the world.

A Strong & Effective Base To The Writers And Readers

Online bookstores have a lot to say to both readers and writers who are seeking a strong and effective base online. These people have now a much informed and improved online platform where they can easily purchase their favorite books, without leaving the comfort of their home. With an exponential growth in the number of these bookshops, individuals can never be in the state of uncertainty of getting their most loved books. Plus, online bookstores have today evolved as a vital resource for the students of all grades.

Choices Are Countless

There are many online bookshops maintaining exclusively-designed and easy-to-operate websites for those looking for buying discount books. These websites have many affordable choices for their users. They have a wide database of books on different categories like Travel & Holidays, Self-Management, Computer, Latest Technologies, Horror, Spirituality, Sports, Drama, Law, Finance, Humor, Business, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Fiction, History, Health, and many more. These sites offer attractive discounts and special offers that a local bookshop can never offer.

So, if books are your best friends, nothing could be better than buying them from a genuine bookstore. In this regard, visiting the bookshop of Image Book Company can give you better results in terms of availing the best products at the best prices.

The Author's OFW Novel Book Series #BooksMall

The Author's OFW Novel Book Series #BooksMall

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Book 1: The Game of Life

A weak young man…A first true love…A beautiful-rich woman obsessed with love…A kind-loving wife…A circle of friends…Chasing their dreams abroad as OFWs…All brought together with their destiny to love aflame with conflicts, lies, lusts, ambition, hatred, revenge and the struggle for life in a faraway place.

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Book 2: A Filipino Spy

Marco Fernando's life in Dubai City continues while expanding his business empire globally. A secret invitation inspired Marco Fernando to discover the source. He wanted the excitement to prolong what is meant to be alive. Accepting the new system would invigorate the hidden desires he's longing for.

The CIA wanted him so much to be a part of the operations in which he cannot denied because of his family in danger. The Americans gave him a mission in China for cyber espionage, but instead discovered that his country, the Philippines is under demolition...West Philippine Sea is the starting point.

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Book 3: The Genesis Experiment

A secret research centre built in one of the new island in the Philippines through the American government. It's utilized for research and experiment of newly born babies who are destined to lead every nation to the future.

A classified agreement between the American and Philippine government high official respectively who controlled the research center as covert as possible. The building of this project consists of the CIA agents, Filipino Spies and other Presidents of other nations who wants to control the world system for the new generation to come.

The Paleo Recipe Book Review #BooksMall

If you put this on an economic scale it is where the "traditional supply line" crosses the "traditional demand line" that determines how we think and how we apply our thinking processes. Put them online for all to read, you might be saving someone a lot of time, and helping to recommend the very best books, helping the best authors get the word out. Do you want to be a book reviewer? Without reading the book twice or more, you will not be able to get relevant information. Books are a mans best and favorite friend. Students therefore have to set enough time to visit libraries, use the internet and from other sources like the almanacs. You need to choose a book that interests you.

Though majority of the search engines also utilize the contents of a page as a method to determine how to index it, the web designer shouldn't forget to include meta tags with appropriate keywords and description. While every little thing is often accomplished through technology inside the city, technology has its limitations elsewhere. The 370 recipes all consist of natural, unprocessed, and healthy ingredients, and they also include color photos of this finished meals. With the help of reading, your brain become smarter and sharper. Be fair and unbiased! This has forced students in seeking book review writing help from online essay writing companies.

When writing an online book review it is essential that you give the reader an idea of what the book is about without ever giving away too much of the storyline of the book that you are reviewing. My advice would be to read lots of book reviews from the professionals such as. Book 3 finishes off the trilogy by covering orgasms, faking it, positions, undressing a woman, sensuality, sex talk and being comfortable in your own skin. Instead of making them go find information on their own by searching for the book title, start out with a little description of the book. A complex is a source of stress found within the subconscious that requires resolution. Rationale of an interpretive book review is to measure a book's worth against books on the same or a similar topic. Who were the main characters? We also encourage translation works and attract a wide range of audience for our reviews. And that's what makes this book so special.

However, they don't guarantee to provide a top ranking on crawler-based search engines. This guarantees you that you will get the best work done by a qualified person who is knowledgeable of the work you need. The action is fast and never boring. This means that they want a review of the book that doesn't share your opinion and that in which your opinion isn't obvious from reading what you wrote. Research papers book review is a common exercise in all levels of learning. Buy book review from a company that has professional writers who can thoroughly and effectively analyze a book and write you an award winning book review. One could almost call it a fetish if it wasn't so widespread and necessary because like it or not we are all slaves to directions and mapping.

In the beginning you will undoubtedly have to volunteer some time and effort. Also, most editors and staff writers are usually too busy to read books and review them themselves (unless they are specifically assigned to a book review column). Then write about some outline of the author's point of view, arguments and theses. As well, she must surrender to her animus and, thereby, allow herself to trust a partner more fully. It should immediately catch the attention of readers.

If there are footnotes, do they provide important information? It should present attentive commentary and analysis, backed up by sound arguments. We post our reviews on the website. Don't review books by people you know, love, or hate. The ultimate way to make this happen is always to purchase a home alarm system. However, a woman with an absent father will idealize this type of man. It also must describe and evaluate the author's point of view for validity and discuss the author's claims, offering assessment and discussion.

Source: Alissa

36 Days of Buqo Christmas #BooksMall #buqopromo #36DaysofBuqoChristmas #freebooks #freemagazines

Wednesday November 26, 2014 (Book)
I Saw the Sign (Summit Books)

36 Days of Buqo Christmas

The Thrill of Giving

‘Tis the season of giving and, yet again, the Christmas spirit brings out the generous side in most (if not all) of us. What you would love to know is that we here at buqo have also contracted the generosity bug that’s been going around! So to mark our very first Christmas, we have prepared a little something (quite awesome, actually) just for you!

That “Childhood” Feel

We want you to re-experience that “childhood” feeling of anticipating, of finding your gift under the Christmas tree, up to the moment of opening it to your heart’s delight. But this time, allow us to do it digitally (we’re an app after all). Dear friends, we to present to you “36 Days of Buqo Christmas”. Yes, that’s 36 days! Because 12 days just isn’t enough!

A New Gift Every Day!

So what happens in those 36 days? Buqo will be giving away a book or magazine EVERY SINGLE DAY from November 26 up to the very last day of 2014. A new item will be featured daily and will be completely free to download for 24 hours. Hey, that’s a total of 36 books and magazines you’ll be finding under the “Christmas tree” (a.k.a. the “36 Days of Buqo Christmas” banner in the app). Isn’t that exciting?!

How Does It Work?

We kept it simple. Starting November 26 at 11:00am, a new book or magazine will be unveiled on our social media channels as the featured freebie every day (better add us up now!). You will then have 11:00am until 10:00am the next day to get it. When 11:00am comes around again, a new freebie will be up for grabs.

The buqo apps and website will have a special banner in the store that you can check anytime for the featured freebie. If you don’t have the buqo app yet, now’s the best time to get it. Download it on your iOS - App Store ( or Android - Goog Play( device, or both!

Add us up on:


So you’ll be sure to get the freshest and latest news on buqo. Visit us at

The 39 Clues Book 3: The Sword Thief by Peter Lerangis Review #BooksMall

Daniel Johnston is a sixteen year old book lover who runs a kids book website. The 39 Clues Book at Go Articles

The 39 Clues Book 3: The Sword Thief by Peter Lerangis Review

When The Sword Thief by Peter Lerangis came out all the way in early 2009, I was super excited to read it.I had greatly enjoyed the first two novels in The 39 Clues kids series, the last one being One False Note by Gordon Korman, and the series was coming along well. Excellent plot, terrific mystery, along with fantastic characters. What more could a young ten-year old want?

The 39 Clues is a multi-author series written by extremely well-liked, bestselling authors about orphans Dan and Amy Cahill. It is not until their grandmother Grace dies that they learn they are members of the most powerful family in the history of mankind. The source of their families power is spread across the world in the form of thirty-nine special clues. Whosoever locates all of the clues will then become the most powerful person in the history of mankind.

Dan and Amy Cahill, naturally, are definitely not the only ones who want the prize. Their treacherous, back-stabbing family will do anything they can to find the clues 1st.

As with all of the early novels in The 39 Clues, I completed reading The Sword Thief the same day that I got it. While it was an interesting book and helped to move the plot along, I remember not being very impressed with this addition.


During the conclusion of One False Note, Dan and Amy discover samurai swords at the location of the clue. They put two and two together and head to Japan. Before they are able to get there, however, their cousins, Ian and Natalie Kabra, trick them and leave them stranded in the airport.

After that, their uncle Alistair Oh offers to help Amy and Dan and make a partnership. After all, Alistair has money and property in Seoul, and he possesses wisdom and old age. Amy and Dan do not totally have faith in him, but they agree to come together for the present time.
Amy, Dan, and Alastair realize that the clue is hidden in the history of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, an excellent Japanese warrior and first descendant of Thomas Cahill, the man who founded the Tomas branch.

The Holt family, however, are also eager to find the clue and manage to lure them into a subway trap. It seems as though it is about to be curtains for Dan and Amy, but Alastair rescues them before they are killed. We get to see the relatable side of the Holtkids as they balk at the prospect of killing Dan and Amy.

Unfortunately, the 3 of them by mistake enter into the home of sword-wielding Yakuza, or Japanese warriors. Nellie, their au pair, is able to save them, alongside Ian and Natalie Kabra. Amy, Dan, and Alastair agree to form a partnership with Ian and Natalie. They do that somewhat because Amy hasalmost a crush on Ian, and Ian is acting as though it's both ways.

The clues point to South korea, and the group of six go to Alastair's house. We learn a ton of information about the Ekaterina branch and also regarding Bae Oh, Alastair's uncle and person in charge of the Ekaterina branch. After Alastair's Dad died, he lived miserably for years under his uncle. While traveling to Korea, however, he learns for the 1st time that Bae Oh arranged for Alastair's dad to be killed.
At Alastair's house, he offers some of his own info with the others. We learn lots more concerning the clue hunt, in particular that the 39 clues are thirty-nine elements that when mixed together will create a sort of philosopher's stone. They travel to the mountain Pukhansan, and Dan tricks the others in regards to the location of the clue.

The conclusion is an exciting andtreacherous saga, where we discover the actual motives of Amy and Dan’s counterparts. Will Ian and Natalie swipe the clue, or will Amy and Dan outwit them once again? More importantly, will Alastair Oh live?


Like I said before, I think of this as one of the poorest books in the series. Although Gordon Korman mentioned how he used The Maze of Bones as basically his bible in composing One False Note, Peter Lerangis obviously didn't do the same. The book is crafted in a very different style in comparison to the rest of the book series. The other 39 clues books are authored in an exilerating, detached, and realistic way. This book is considerably more relaxed, the tone is more informal, and it is also not close to as much action-packed. In addition, it is kind of hard to understand. For that reason, the book loses some of its educational benefit and I don't really recall any of the historical info, quite different from the other books in the series.

Whilst a few of my friends who were reading the series when this book hit the shelves told me that they liked the break from the action, every one of them stopped reading The 39 Clues after this book. Not one of my friends who started out the seriesending up reading the fourth book. Additionally, books 1 and 2 were both #1 on the bestseller list for quite a while. This book was on the bestseller list for a short time, but didn't hit #1. Not one of the subsequent additions to the series did, either.

There are some good parts to the way Lerangis writes, however. He introduces the idea a possible romance between Ian and Amy that has continued throughout the series to the current books with different boyfriends and hints of crushes. This was in fact the subject most usually talked about among clue hunters throughout the Cahills vs. Vespers storyline, and was in my view a valuable addition to the series.
This book has some good info regarding the clue hunt that moves the story along, so it's a necessity for committed clue hunters going back through the early books to read it. In general, though, the writing is not close to as good as in the rest of the series and on its own I would not recommend it.

If you want to read my review of another popular kids book, check out my article Swindle by Gordon Korman Review.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Writing E-books for Profit #BooksMall

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Writing E-books for Profit

There is a multitude of online opportunities open to the wannabe e-entrepreneur. From building membership websites, selling products on e-bay, blogging, publishing your own e-books and affiliate marketing, it is all a question of choosing the right opportunity that matches your demeanor and interest.

Perhaps the most open of all the opportunities available to wannabe e-entrepreneurs is the world of e-book writing and publishing. If you are passionate about a particular topic and you can write about it with some authority, then writing and publishing e-books might just be for you.

Writing and publishing your own e-books has several advantages over other areas of Internet marketing. The most notable of these advantages is the control that you have over the revenues you receive on the sale of your e-book product. In most cases you will be able to keep 100% of the profit.

E-books also have a sense of immediacy about them, which makes them the ideal e-commerce product for Internet marketing. Buyers of e-books can download their chosen e-book within seconds of paying for it, thus satisfying their need for instant gratification.

The other advantage of e-book authorship is the relatively low cost of production and distribution. Once written, you can reproduce and sell unlimited copies of your e-book at no further cost to yourself or your business.

Moreover, unlike affiliate marketing, you do not need a blog or a website to host or promote your e-book product. You can simply upload your e-book to an e-book publishing platform/host.

E-book publishing platforms are the Internet's equivalent of a book store. Visitors can browse e-books much in the same way visitors browse books at the local bookstore.

E-book publishing platforms handle the payment transactions related to the sale of your e-book. When your total sales reach a certain threshold, say $100, you get paid. E-book publishing platforms normally charge a 20% handling fee for the use of their facilities.

Reliable statistics on how much e-book authors actually make from writing and publishing e-books are relatively hard to come by. But if you write your own e-book and sell one hundred copies of your work for $10 each, you do not need to be Einstein to know that $1000 is a sizable chunk of pocket change. Considering your e-book might have only taken you a day or perhaps even a week to write, $1000 is not a bad return on your effort.

The downside to writing e-books is the fact that the Internet is awash with e-book publications. These publications vary in size and quality but they are all, nonetheless, vying for the same dollars as your e-book. Your problem as an e-book author is one of differentiation. You need to differentiate your e-book offering from the rest of the market.

The key to differentiating your e-book from the rest of the market rests in your ability to identify a niche that is not saturated by competitors. So be prepared to do market research before you dive into your e-book writing project. Market research will save you time and energy and will help you to produce a better e-book product.

Marketing your e-book will be time consuming, but it need not be a difficult process. One of the most efficient and popular ways to market your e-book is through article marketing. If you can write an e-book, then you are certainly capable of writing articles related to your e-book's topic. With so many article directories on the Internet, you should have no problem in finding a home for your articles.

Article directories act like a repository where webmasters can view and select relevant material for their websites or e-newsletters. In return for using your article, the webmaster acknowledges the source of the article by providing the author with a small resource box. Ideally, as the author of the article, you can use this resource box to direct readers to your e-book product.

With a good article marketing plan, and some good quality articles, there is no reason why your e-book product should not get the attention it deserves.

The alternative to article marketing is to harness the power of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. But be warned, social networking can be a brittle affair so try to avoid the hard sell. Instead, you should focus on building up a positive relationship with potential customers. You can do this by creating a community around your chosen e-book topic or specialty. Most social networking sites provide subscribers with a useful set of tools for creating communities based on a common interest. Use them.

In the final analysis, whatever your e-book niche and marketing method, you should always bear in mind that it is the quality of your product that will deliver on going sales. There is no point in having good sales copy if your e-book does not live up to the hype. E-book buyers can be extremely fickle. If they feel short changed by your initial e-book offering, then they are unlikely to buy your next publication.

Source: Joseph Escott
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