2 Love Poems - Quatrains and Free Verse #BooksMall

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I Love You (Quatrains Poem)

I love you, for anything that surrounds you,
I love you, for everything within you,
I love you, the way you want it to be,
I love you, what could it be?
You left without a word,
You perished without a sword,
You are the only one that I loved,
You are the essence, my beloved.
Silence, which made you think differently,
Silence, that my heart can felt independently,
Silence, for my heart to glow,
Silence, for my love to show.
Alone, my heart that only you from me,
Alone, feeling the emptiness all over me,
Alone, to love with you forever.
Alone, until death as a lover.

Closer To You (Free Verse Poem)

Your beauty captures my heart,
Your soul surrounds me, wherever I am,
Perhaps, you are Goddess of Beauty?
I feel you are endless.
I feast my vision to you, turn towards the light,
Perhaps by chance, but definite in direction,
I am drawn by the deepest awareness of you,
Which wane my heart to think of you,
And feel your soul throughout my life.
I know so very little yet feel so much,
Oh! It’s a great feeling to see your soul!
Unable to gaze at your beauty,
My soul provides to my heart,
A vision…unable to touch you,
Our souls’ touch which sends us to pleasure,
And our bodies shiver with ecstasy,
In an everlasting union of perfection.
I am amazed by you, as you are,
You are not far, you are close,
And I held you so tenderly,
Closer each moment,
Closer to you….


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