The Author's OFW Novel Book Series #BooksMall

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The Author's OFW Novel Book Series #BooksMall

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Book 1: The Game of Life

A weak young man…A first true love…A beautiful-rich woman obsessed with love…A kind-loving wife…A circle of friends…Chasing their dreams abroad as OFWs…All brought together with their destiny to love aflame with conflicts, lies, lusts, ambition, hatred, revenge and the struggle for life in a faraway place.

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Book 2: A Filipino Spy

Marco Fernando's life in Dubai City continues while expanding his business empire globally. A secret invitation inspired Marco Fernando to discover the source. He wanted the excitement to prolong what is meant to be alive. Accepting the new system would invigorate the hidden desires he's longing for.

The CIA wanted him so much to be a part of the operations in which he cannot denied because of his family in danger. The Americans gave him a mission in China for cyber espionage, but instead discovered that his country, the Philippines is under demolition...West Philippine Sea is the starting point.

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Book 3: The Genesis Experiment

A secret research centre built in one of the new island in the Philippines through the American government. It's utilized for research and experiment of newly born babies who are destined to lead every nation to the future.

A classified agreement between the American and Philippine government high official respectively who controlled the research center as covert as possible. The building of this project consists of the CIA agents, Filipino Spies and other Presidents of other nations who wants to control the world system for the new generation to come.


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