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The Philippines and International Restaurants Food Recipes

Food recipes are the lifeblood of every restaurant and household worldwide which caters to all nationalities, who in one way or the other wants to taste according to their indispensable lifestyle. Nowadays, more recipes are added to the vast list of food dictionary that people tends to select food that suits to their taste-bud.

In the Philippines, restaurant businesses are flourishing like mushrooms; from the streets, food courts, stand-alone restaurant, food exhibition, alleys and even in catering. These phenomena are circling into the food market that even the ordinary citizen cannot decipher which is the true Filipino cuisine. Lots of cuisines from abroad are incorporated with the way Filipinos prepared their foods; Spanish, Chinese, American, Indian, Mexican, Portuguese, Thais, Japanese, Arabic and some foreign dishes. Thus, as the Department of Tourism says, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

This book is intended for cooks, housewives, culinary art students, Chefs, food businesses, restaurant owners, food enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and ordinary people who valued their lives in giving extra-total-personalized satisfaction through serving the best food which unquestionably wants to try other cuisines besides from their traditional cooking; added with vast arrays of cooking terms, utensils, ingredients and ways to cook your food. I encourage them to try cooking the way these recipes could give instant satisfaction from their point of view. Also, people in the food industry could try these recipes for their own business concept in the future. Try to visit the Philippines for your next travel and taste the vast array of food cuisine that suits your tastes.


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